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The Town of Lincoln is home to approximately 827 people and covers 34.9 square miles.  Within our township, we maintain 35 miles of roads, provide a 25+ member fire and first responder department, and provide waste removal services.  Your town board and staff take pride in our little corner of Wisconsin and are constantly working to make the Town of Lincoln a place you like to call home.


The Town Dump & Recycling Center is located on Colorado Ave, 1/4 mile east of County Hwy O and is open Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM



•  All garbage must be placed in the Town of Lincoln bags and deposited into                                         designated dumpster       


•  Town of Lincoln garbage bags may be purchased at The Warrens Mall     


•  Garbage that exceeds the size of the Town of Lincoln garbage bags may be taken to Modern Disposal Service (MDS) at 800 Townline Road in the Industrial Park in Tomah.  MDS phone: 608-372-7897   


•  Items not permitted in the dumpster but may be disposed of at MDS for a fee                                         include: electronics, mattresses, building materials, and tires                   


•  County Landfill will accept all items accepted by MDS plus brush, paint and batteries - for additional information contact Monroe County Solid Waste at 608-269-8783 or visit




•  All recycling may be commingled.  Accepted materials include: aluminum, tin,                                         glass, recyclable plastics, and all paper products.  Containers should be clean and                                         free of contaminants.               


•  Place all cardboard in the separate cardboard recycling dumpster.  Cardboard                                                  boxes must be collapsed.


The Town's largest asset are its roads.  Road repairs, snow removal, signage, clearing the Right of Way, and grass cutting are provided by your Township.


In 2021 the Town of Lincoln began an extensive and over due clearing of Town Road Right-of-ways.  Clearing the right-of-way ensures safe travel, increases visibility, and decreases the chance of fallen trees on the roadway.  Clearing the right-of-way is the responsibility of the township.  Most right of ways extend 33' from the center of the road for a total of 66' of right of way.  Click here to review an article about many common town right of way questions.


The pride of the Town of Lincoln is its volunteer fire department.  Started in 1963, the fire department serves seven townships and one village.


During local elections, the fire department is used to host elections and are staffed with dedicated election workers.

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